Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On the Workbench - some Roman slingers

I fancied a change of pace after rushing to get three HOTT armies finished in as many weeks so I’ve dusted off some very old Lamming slingers.  These guys are some of the oldest figures I own.  

I reckon I bought them in about 1980 from Games of Liverpool when I was still hopeful of getting a WRG 5th Edition Ancients army finished.  They’ve been painted at least twice and rebased several times.  At one point they acquired tissue paper trousers in an attempt to make them into believable later Roman auxilia.  Last year I decided to introduce them to Mr Nitromors, albeit with no idea what would happen to them afterwards.  Perhaps they would go onto eBay?   

Well, they never made it onto eBay as they are behind loads of old RPG stuff in the queue (and that’s not getting done either) so they’ve just sat in a box until now.  I think it may be discovering Basic Impetus that’s got me thinking about them.  Four of these will make a  nice little Basic Impetus skirmisher unit and that’s about an eighth of the way to a whole army!  I may adopt a fictional approach in the style of Tony Bath’s Hyboria campaign.  If I paint these realistically as, say, Hadrian-period Romans, I can still call them Hyrkanians or whatever and mix them with whatever other figures I can throw together.
I'm experimenting with brown undercoating with these as you can see.  It seemed appropriate given the muted tones I plan to use.  

Oh, with these being true 25mm figures and definitely ancients, I've had to add two new labels to create this blog entry!

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