Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Commoun traitoris, revaris, theiffis, duelland in the south part...

And here are the Reivers that form the other part of the matched pair of 16th century Hordes of the Things armies.

4x Riders (including the General)
5x Beasts
3x Lurkers
1x Sneaker

The mounted elements of the army are in two groups - firstly, the Riders.  These are exactly the same as the riders in the Warden's force.  Indeed the men riding in pursuit of these Reivers may be riding on their own raids in a few days' time.

Next come the "loaded" Reivers.  These guys are weighed down with plunder.  They count as Beasts under the HOTT rules.  They move quickly through the rough going of the Border hills but are at a disadvantage if caught in the open by enemy riders.  The figures are converted from the East Riding Miniatures originals by the addition of plunder (mostly from Green Stuff) and a few new arms (ditto).

Next we have a storming party with ladder and torch.  They could be aiming to come through the roof of a bastle house or to burn down its door.  Or perhaps they plan (like the Bold Buccleuch) to rescue a prisoner from Carlisle Castle?

Finally, for the fighting forces, we have three elements of Lurkers (in HOTT terms).  Pursuers of a Reiving party were all too likely to find themselves ambushed and the tables turned.

And last of all; every HOTT army needs a Stronghold.  In this case, what better than the Reivers' ill-gotten gains?

The subject line, by the way, is from the Bishop of Glasgow's "Monition of Cursing" against the Reivers - excellent stuff.

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