Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Investigating the Lead Pile - part one

I've been thinking of late that it might be interesting to see just how much stuff I have left to paint.  So here's the result of a trawl through the boxes for 25/28mm figures.

Now this isn't usually a prime scale for me - mostly just Gloranthan Hordes of the Things but of late I've been basing any suitable figures I can find for Basic Impetus so what I have here might see action via that route.  So what do I have?  Well...

For Glorantha:
  • 2 Scorpionmen
  • 4 Dwarf musketeers
  • 6 Broo
  • Jar Eel the Razoress
  • A Lunar warrioress with two scimitars
  • A Jack-o-Bear
  • A giant bat
  • 4 Sun Domers (some of them dead)
  • 1 dead Praxian
  • 4 Egyptian infantry (could be Esrolians?)
  • 1 Cave Troll
  • 5 Trollkin
  • 3 Zebras
  • 1 Rhino
  • 7 Morokanth (all in need of conversion - I'm going for an all-figures-unique army)
  • 1 slave/herd-man
  • 3 Sartarites
  • Kallyr Starbrow
  • 10 Ostriches
  • 4 Gladiators (wouldn't look out of place around a Lunar army)
  • 8 Lunar Peltasts (very like Persians with Greek shields)
  • 1 Giant beetle
  • 1 generic female warrior
Potential Basic Impetus stuff:
  • 8 Roman Legionaries
  • 5 Greek/Roman skirmishers
  • 7 Cataphracts
  • 6 Ancient Britons

Assorted other stuff:
  • 8 Assorted horses (some may get converted into pack horses)
  • A fishing boat
  • A rowing boat
  • An adventurers' raft
  • 1 Boat crewman
  • 1 16th century man at arms
  • Giles and Drusilla (from Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
So, can I get all this painted (or sold) in the next twelve months?  Can I be bothered?  What else is there waiting completion?  Look out for more news here.


Fire at Will said...

Is that all there is in 25mm? You need to try harder on the purchasing front

Counterpane said...

As I said, not one of my prime scales.

15mm, 6mm and 20mm piles to follow!

Actually I do have more 28mm but they are bagged up for sale so don't count.