Thursday, September 8, 2011

More Berkeley Pictures

I thought I'd post some more pictures from last weekend's Berkeley HOTT tournament.  Firstly, here's a shot of the crucial moment of my game with Jane Williams.  Jane has just realised that by moving her two Heroes (Kallyr Starbrow and Kostajor Wolf Champion) into the bad going, she has slowed them down and lost her chance to prevent Harrek and Gunda (top right) taking Boldhome.

Next, another Wolf Pirate victory.  Sorry, I seem to have more pics of my victories than my defeats!

Steve Price has just two skeleton Hordes left on the table at the end.  His four Lurkers were taken out of the picture by my carefully avoiding entering any Bad Going, whilst Steve did roll 6 PIPs once but couldn't spare them to bring on his Dragon!

As usual there were some lovely armies hanging around.  Here are some Elves I snapped.  They could be by James Ewins?

And finally, Gus Woodward's "interesting" Aliens terrain.  I've been instructed to vet Gus's terrain for playability before next year's event!

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Kaptain Kobold said...

I think those Elves belong to Steve Price - did they have a Post-It note for a flag?