Monday, September 26, 2011

Investigating the Lead Pile - part two

Not so much lead this time but lots of plastic.  We move on to look at my accumulated 20mm scale stuff.  I don’t tend to regard the plastic figures as needing to be painted.  Often I buy a boxful knowing that only really need a dozen or so for a particular game but let’s have a look at them anyway.
So, plastic figures:
  • Revell WW2 Soviet infantry (2 complete boxes, 1 partial)
  • Revell modern British infantry (0,1)
  • Revell WW2 US Infantry (0,1)
  • Revell modern US infantry (0,1)
  • Revell WW1 French infantry (0,1)
  • Revell WW2 Siberian infantry (1,0)
  • Revell WW2 German sailors (0,1)
  • Revell WW2 German engineers (0,1)
  • Revell Napoleonic British Rifles (0,1)
  • Zvezda Napoleonic Voltigeurs (0,1)
  • HaT Numidian Cavalry (0,1)
  • HaT WW1 French Infantry (0,1)
  • HaT WW1 Royal Horse Artillery (1,0)
  • Box of assorted Napoleonics (Airfix and Esci) about 150 figures
  • Airfix WW2 Soviet infantry (2,0)
  • Esci Muslim Warriors (0,1)
  • Esci Russian Spetsnaz (0,1)
  • Esci Modern US infantry (0,1)
  • Italeri Napoleonic French Dragoons (0,1)
  • Italeri WW2 Russian Inf (winter) (1,0)
  • Italeri WW2 Russian inf (summer) (0,1)
  • Orion Chechens (0,1)
  • Orion Russian Federals (0,1)
  • HaT Spanish Guerillas (0,1)
  • HaT French light ambulance (0,1)
  • Airfix Eighth Army (0,1)
  • Airfix NATO Ground Crew (0,1)
  • Airfix Napoleonic Highlanders (0,1)
  • Airfix WW2 Germans (1,0)
  • Airfix British paras (1,0)
  • Esci NATO Infantry (0,1)
  • A-Toys WW2 French infantry (0,1)
  • Imex American Pioneers (0,1)
  • 9x Airfix Italian infantry
  • 9x Airfix Gurkha infantry
  • HaT 81mm German mortar team
  • 2x Airfix WW1 German infantry

Metal figures:
  • Blitz US bazooka team
  • Tumbling Dice WW1 Colonial Lewis Gun team
  • FAA WW2 French HQ and Hotchkiss gun team
  • 3x Hinchliffe MG38 MMG teams
  • 1x FAA MG38 MMG team
  • 6x FAA assorted Soviet types
  • 12x Wargames Supply Dump late war Germans
  • 1x Raventhorpe Fallschirmjaeger AT gun crew
  • 2x Raventhorpe Fallschirmjaeger MMG team
  • 1x Raventhorpe Fallschirmjaeger 81mm mortar team

Kits and stuff:
  • 1x Revell A34 Comet
  • 5x Atlantic Jeeps
  • 1x Airfix Diesel Loco Crane
  • 1x Hasegawa Jeep and 37mm AT gun
  • 1x Fujimi T-34/76A
  • 1x PST 120mm howitzer and ZIS-6 truck
  • 1x Zvezda medieval boat
  • 1x Lesney Scammell awaiting conversion into a passable Laffly artillery tractor
  • 2x Akheton French 75mm guns
  • 2x resin cast T-80s with ERA
  • 2x Airfix Panthers (soft plastic)
  • 3x Airfix Tigers (soft plastic)
  • 1x Airfix 88mm gun and tractor 
  • 2x Airfix Kubelwagens
  • 2x Matchbox Comets (needing repair and repaint)
  • 2x Airfix Churchills (ditto)
  • 1x Matchbox Panzer III
  • 1x Matchbox Jagdanther
  • 1x PaK 40 needing repair and painting
  • 2x Black Star DFS230 gliders
  • 2x Airfix DUKW (soft plastic)
  • 2x resin Bedford QLs
  • 1x white metal 6pdr AT gun with Royal Marine / Para crew
  • 2x Akheton generic Italian field guns
  • 1x Airfix SA-2 tractor
  • 1x Matchbox Henschel Hs-126
  • 1x Fujimi Kubelwagen
  • 1x white metal German ammo trailer

In addition there’s a shoe box full of assorted plastics that I haven’t the heart to try and classify.  Another three hundred figures?  Oh, and a drawer containing about 100 old Airfix American Civil War types that I've based on pennies for skirmish gaming - their bases need painting and then I'll... probably not use them.

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Counterpane said...

A few of the figures got left out after their photo-shoot and the two WW1 German figures got painted today.