Thursday, September 29, 2011

On the Workbench - October

This month I'm hoping to complete the process of rebasing my old Wars of the Roses figures for use with Basic Impetus.  Most of the decent figures are done now and what's left has an increasing proportion of old RAFM figures I bought in a sale at Games Workshop in Sheffield back in the days when (a) it sold non-GW products and (b) its staff included Pete Berry now of Baccus fame.

This lot have made it onto a BI base.  Because the bases are quite large (12cm frontage) I'm using artist's mounting board of a thicker  grade than usual.  The terrain texturing is my usual mix of tile grout and brown poster paint.  It'll get painted in two shades of earth brown and then dry-brushed with progressively lighter shades: Graveyard Earth, Camouflage Orange Ochre, Khaki, Iraqi Sand, and 50:50 Iraqi Sand and White.

In both pictures there are figures from a variety of sources.  The RAFM dismounted knight in black and white below (second left, rear) is in the process of conversion.  His head has been removed, turned, and pinned back in place.  He'll get the join disguised by building up his mail aventail in Green Stuff and will have a polearm held with the buisness end down and to the left rather than up and to the right.  This kind of simple conversion can disguise the fact that you have several of the same figure in a single unit.

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