Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wolf Pirates' First Raid

So I'm back from the annual Berkeley Hordes of the Things tournament (it's actually at Slimbridge but it used to be held at Berkeley) and I had a great time as usual.

Most pleasing was the Wolf Pirates' performance.  I got to use them in five games and they won all five!  Apparently they suit my style of play - which is a nice result given that I was very much driven by the source material when it came to allocate the models to unit types.

Here we see the Wolf Pirate mass about to hit Steve Price's skeleton battle line.  Soon the Skeletons would be a large pile of bones and their necromancer general would be dead.  

To be fair, though, Steve did say that the Wolf Pirate army make up was exactly the worst for his army to face.

More pics to follow soon.

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