Thursday, June 28, 2012

28mm Riverboat

I'm running a lost world adventure game (using Song of Blades and Heroes rules) for the kids at Millie's school shortly.  The scenario I had in mind called for a 28mm scale Mexican river steamer so I decided to have a go at enhancing a model boat that Jamie had made as a woodwork project in year 7.

So I've scored planking on the decks, added a lid to the over-scale funnel to turn it into a boiler, and added a new funnel, a roof for the bridge, windows and a couple hatches, and a tube mounting for a flag.

With future use in mind, the flag can be replaced.  Here's the riverboat in Latvian guise; handy if I ever have a go at Latvijas Brivibas Ciņa in 28mm.

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