Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grav Tanks vs Mounted Knights

With the Hordes of the Things Royal Tournament on this coming weekend, it seemed a good idea to get in some practice with our HOTT armies.  Andy and Richard Sangar came over last night and, with Jamie and I, played four games using our armies for the weekend.

I used my Saunders V Colonists (Three Shooters, two Warband, a Rider and three Dragons).   In both games the Dragons arrived early enough to win the battle albeit I nearly lost my Stronghold to Richard's Reivers.
Andy's Border Reivers, having 6:1'd my Vargr warband, close in on my Stronghold.
The games saw a first outing for Jamie's new (uncompleted) Barbarians (Hero General, Paladin, three Shooters, three Warband, one Dragon).  Richard used my Border Reviers and Andy borrowed Jamie's Army of Cornetto.  
Richard's Army of Cornetto renaissance Italians clash with Jamie's new Barbarians.

My Grav Tanks (Dragons) arrive against the Cornetto lads...

... and rip through the enemy.
In the background Jamie's ghostly Paladin takes on some Reiver Beasts, whilst on the  right the two Generals clash.  Jamie would win, push back the enemy Rider General which would pass through the friendly Sneaker and die when it hit the enemy Shooter beyond it.

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cardophillipo said...


I like the use of the Grav Tanks. Have a great weekend.


Richard P