Saturday, June 23, 2012

Busy, busy

So we're off to what is without doubt our closest wargames tournament today.  Jamie and I could walk there and back if we had to, though I'd take less terrain if we did.  It looks like this year's HOTT Royal Tournament is going to feature about eight players, which is a nice amount for the size of the venue.

And then this coming Friday I've allowed myself to be volunteered to run a game for the kids at the school's Summer barbecue.  Song of Blades and Heroes worked well last time so I think we'll do that again.  Jamie and George have volunteered to help.

And then a weekend later it's Gauntlet with a 20mm Vietnam game from Will and Pete on the Saturday and a 6mm Cold War Commander in Finland game from me on the Sunday.   Oh and I want to get stuff sorted out and painted for the Bring and Buy.

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