Sunday, June 24, 2012

HOTT Royal Tournament Results

Thanks to a gathering of very friendly and sporting HOTT players, Saturday was a really enjoyable day in Dungworth.  The results of the 2012 Hordes of the Things Royal Tournament were as follows:

NOTE: Edited results below; I originally got John's scoring wrong.
  • 1st place Pete Duckworth, 12 points, 46 enemy AP killed, two generals killed
  • 2nd, John Saunders, 7, 45, none
  • 3rd, Richard Crawley, 7, 30, none
  • 4th, Tony Green, 6, 27, one
  • 5th, Gus Woodward, 5, 21, one
  • 6th, Richard Sangar, 4, 17, one
  • 7th, Jamie Crawley, 3, 26, one
  • 8th, Andy Sangar, 1, 24, none

Tony (l) and Andy (r) consider their moves. Pete (background) reaches for sustenance.
Click to embiggen.
Pete was a clear winner, though he would have been run closer if I hadn’t beaten Tony in the last game with a run of the most outrageous die rolling I’ve ever seen.  Sorry, Tony.
The Swiss chess matching system (I’m getting quite good at running this using a system using recycled business cards rather than a sophisticated computer system).  Looking at my records I note that our winner met opponents who eventually finished in the next four places in the table.  Our eighth place player, meanwhile, played 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th but somehow managed to avoid 7th.
The armies used were:
Andy - The Army of Cornetto - Semi-historical Renaissance Italian
Jamie - Barbarians
Richard S - Border Reivers
John - Elizabethan English
Gus - Lizardmen
Tony - Sharpe’s Eagle - literary Napoleonic British
Richard C - The Saunders V Colonists - sci-fi 
Pete - Bayeux Tapestry Normans

Battle reports and pics to follow.

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cardophillipo said...

Looks like a good day. Brings back memories of Beer and Pies!!!!!

Roll on Arctic Strike 2013.


Richard P