Thursday, June 28, 2012

Royal HOTT Report

Game number one at Saturday's tournament saw me take on Jamie.  I was using my Saunders V Colonists (3x Shooters, 2x Warbands, a Rider and 3x Dragons) and Jamie was using his new Barbarians (3x Shooters, 3x Warbands, a Dragon, A Hero and a Paladin).

Jamie's dragon arrived quite early on and proceeded to have a prolonged fight with my starport runabout (Rider).  Several times the Rider was recoiled but I kept moving it up to just in front of the  Dragon so Jamie had to spend 3PIPs (it was out of range of the General) to move it back into combat.  Eventually the Dragon destroyed the truck but then I got a Shooter into range and managed a lucky roll to see off the Dragon.

Meanwhile, I was wondering how to cope without my Dragons - I just couldn't seem to roll at six.  Whilst I waited I managed to get my Shooter General isolated in some Bag Going in front of my line.  Fortunately, and despite my advice to the contrary, Jamie sent his warrior spirit Paladin in to get me.  He lost and died.

The Grav tank Dragons arrive on the last game turn we played as I just managed to kill two 2AP elements and take the game 12-2.

My next game was against Pete Duckworth with his Bayeux Tapestry Norman army.

I the grav tanks arrived reasonably early but I then started to run out of PIPs and Pete nibbled my army to death mainly thanks to the personal intervention of William the Bastard and the "Hairy Star".  I managed to kill Odo of Bayeux but went down 12-4.

We broke for lunch and as usual Dave's pies went down well.  Steak and Kidney and a pint of Yorkshire Farmer for me thanks.

Now the Royal wouldn't be the same without Gus and I meeting, and usually drawing.  I didn't get any pics of our hard fought match but here's shot of Gus's luminous Lizardmen taking on the Border Reivers.

This time my Dragons didn't turn up at all so I pleased to scrape a draw, losing just 4AP.

My last game was against Tony Green with his Sharpe's Eagle army.  This battle started off with a cock-up on my part.  I watched Teresa Moreno approaching my starport runabout convinced that she was a Sneaker and that I'd be able to to move through here when she drew near.  She then charged into contact and Tony pointed out that he had described her as a Hero.  In my defence, I'd been thinking about a Sharpe army myself of late and had already tagged her as a Sneaker if I did use her.  Anyway, she destroyed the Rider and I thought things looked bad.

I needn't have worried though.  I rolled a six and the Dragon/grav tanks arrived.  I then proceeded to roll a series of fives and sixes in combat that allowed me to chew through Tony's forces in very short order.  Tony's a much stronger player than me but a run of luck like that is unbeatable.  Sorry, Tony.  12-6 win to the colonists.

The prizes, then, went to Pete Duckworth (Lando's Starport Bar for first place), John Saunders (a sci-fi fuel station for second place) and Andy Sangar (a large bar of chocolate for propping up the table).


Kaptain Kobold said...

Mmm. Real, UK-produced Dairy Milk. I'd willingly come last for a bar of that :)

Counterpane said...

I believe several players were seriously conflicted going into round four!