Thursday, August 30, 2012

Basic Impetus mini lists

Jamie and I are off to Slimbridge on Saturday morning to play in the annual Berkeley Hordes of the Things tournament (it's called Berkeley but it's played at Slimbridge; it's complicated; don't ask).

I actually find myself more enthused by the prospect of running a teach-in on Basic Impetus on the Saturday evening.  I've created four small Basic Impetus armies to make use of the various bits of 6mm ancients I've cobbled together and, in honour of Tony Bath, I've given them Hyborian names.

The Hyrkanians  (VDT = 14/7)

Nr    Type    M    VBU    I    VD   Notes
1       CM      10     4        1     3
3       FP         5      6        1     3      Pilum
2       S           8      2        0     1      Javelin

This army uses some Irregular Miniatures republican Romans I obtained amongst a load of other figures in margarine tub full of lead bought from Wargames Emporium years ago.

Hyrkanian heavy foot.
The Vendhyans  (VDT = 14/7)

Nr    Type    M    VBU    I    VD   Notes
4        CGL    10     4         1     3     Various weapons
1        FL        8      4         4      2     Impetuous

The chariots are some Baccus Egyptian and Syrian chariots I bought (again years ago) for conversion and use in a Roman chariot-racing game that I never got round to writing.  The foot are some Irregular Minis barbarian types.

Vendhyan war chariots.
The Aquilonians  (VDT = 15/8)

Nr    Type    M    VBU    I    VD   Notes
3       W        5        5        0     3      Various weapons
1       CP      10       5        3     2    
2       FP       5        5        1     2       Long spear

Yes, three Wagenburgs!  Left over from my old Irregular Miniatures Hussite army, which never saw much use.  The cavalry are Irregular Celts and the spearmen some Irregular early medieval infantry; Normans perhaps.

The Cimmerians  (VDT - 14/7)

Nr     Type    M    VBU    I    VD   Notes
6        CM      10     4        1     2
1        FP         5      4        4     2      Impetuous

These guys use some Irregular Miniatures cavalry that Alan Slater painted as green cloaked Rohirrim and a base of Ancient British infantry also by Alan.

Cimmerian Foot.
All in all they are a pretty mixed bunch but I think that rather fits with the feel of Tony Bath's take on Hyboria.  There's also a nice mix of troop types to give a feel of some of the variation that Impetus allows.


Maxamillian Walker said...

Ah, i really like basic impetus, for one it's free, and there are any units to forget about (in bigger games i sometimes forget to move some men!). Your armies look nice, would like to do some 6mm myself if i wasn't knee deep in plastics! :D

Counterpane said...

Thanks, MW.

I find Basic Impetus has more flavour than DBA. I like the way melees can flow back and forth. In some ways it reminds me of the kind of ancients games I played with WRG 5th Ed when I first started wargaming.