Thursday, August 23, 2012

Morokanth Army Completed

It's taken a few years of scrabbling about for suitable figures (and the kind contributions of several friends) but I've finally got my Morokanth army for Hordes of the Things completed.

The army has been designed from the start to have no two identical castings.  Given that only a small number of Morokanth models have ever been made, I've had to do some conversion work and some scratch-building to get there.  There are fifteen Morokanth models in the army and they're made from six different base castings.  Most of them are in the five Warbands that make up the main battle line:

There's a Warband General to start with:

Left: modified Citadel casting with a new scratch-built spear and a shield
from a Foundry hoplite.  Centre: the Khan - Tabletop Miniatures body with
home-sculpted head and limbs. Right: Tabletop Miniatures casting with
its head rotated through 180 degrees and its spear converted into a flail.
Because the Morokanth are foot troops usually opposed by mounted nomads they tend to fight from positions on rough, high ground where they can't be charged in the open.  Several of the bases show this raised elevation:

Left: unmodified Tabletop Miniatures casting. Right: unmodified
Tabletop Miniatures casting.
The Morokanth are keen slavers.  From his manacles and clothing we can tell this is a captured human, not an animal herd-man.

Left: unmodified Tabletop Miniatures casting. Right: Citadel Miniatures
with Green Stuff clothing and hat from a Foundry cowboy. 
As usual all of the pictures are clickable.

Left: modified Tabletop Miniatures (the figure with the mace) head turned,
spiked mace from the spares box, shield from a Foundry Apache.
Right: unmodified Citadel.
I only have the one Herd-man so far.  I'd like to add more, perhaps to the Stronghold.

Left: unmodified Lamming chariot driver. Right: unmodified Citadel - the
only one of this casting I could find.
The army also has a couple of Lurkers starting with this Morokanth leaping from his camouflaged ambush pit:

Morokanth: bits of the model that donated the Khan's body.

I decided to use a Hyena casting I had available about three days before I came across a reference in one of the Glorantha books to the Morokanth training them as guard dogs!

Hyena: Black Tree Designs (I think).

Finally, the army has three Magician elements representing tribal shamans and their summoned spirits.

Left: Tabletop Miniatures casting with home-made coup stick and head
transplant.  Right: sculpt by Gregory Privat from one of his own moulds -
Thanks Gregory! 
Morokanth: unmodified Tabletop Miniatures chariot driver.
Spirits: Citadel? Second hand purchases.
Feathered Shaman: completely home sculpted.
Zombie vulture: a bring and buy purchase.
Finally, there's the Stronghold.  This has been seen before but it now has an all Morokanth army to go with it rather than having to rely on other Praxians as allies.

Morokanth: modified from Tabletop Miniatures. 


cardophillipo said...

Richard C,

Fantastic work, really like the Slaver with his cowboy hat but my favourite has to be the lurker.


Richard P

BigRedBat said...

Very nice, Richard! I particularly like the Morocanth in the pit.


Jane Williams said...

I do NOT like the magician with the spirits, I know all too well that he's very effective against hero generals :(
Lovely figures as always.

Anonymous said...

No Morocanth chariot?

Counterpane said...


No! I don't believe in Morokanth Chariots. I had the option to pick one up at Berkeley a few years back but resisted.


BigRedBat said...

They certainly do look a tad underpowered!

I can't say I'd imagine chariots being very practical in Prax. Possibly litters might be more viable?


Counterpane said...

Yep! Can't see them surviving a charge by a group of Bison Riders. Or Rhino Riders. They'd probably be cut to pieces by Sables, or even Ostrich Riders!


Rudy said...

These are looking lovely. It's true that there aren't many morokanths around as minis, I'm trying to make a few myself, gonna be looking long and hard at these :)