Friday, August 24, 2012

First Outing for the Morokanth

Jamie and I had a couple of games of Hordes of the Things this evening to try out my new Morokanth army.

In the first game Jamie used my Sun Domers.  Probably a mistake given their preponderance of Spears (Spears don't much enjoy fighting Warband).  The battle turned into a slogging match with Jamies Spears opposing my Warbands.  His Hero, Shooters and Riders made a left hook whilst my Magicians hung around at the back whilst I failed to acquire enough PIPs to do much with them.

Fortune (in the form of a 6:1 dice result) favoured the Morokanth and Vega Goldbreath (Paladin) went down beneath a tooth-spiked mace.

This was the key to my rolling up the Spears and when I finally rolled 6 PIPs I was able to ensorcel the Champion of Garhound and win the game.

Game two saw the Morokanth take on the Wolf Pirates (Hero General, Hero, Paladin and six Warband).

This was a much closer battle with both sides taking heavy casualties.  The Morokanth Khan was killed but they fought on without their General and eventually got the Pirates down to 12AP to win the game.


Rudy said...

That seems to have been a nice Gloranthan battle! Where did you get hold of the morokanth?

Counterpane said...


Have you seen the previous post? They're a mixture of very old Citadel miniatures and some from Tabletop Minis.