Friday, August 31, 2012

End of Year Review

End of year?  Well, yes, I first started keeping track of my progress with painting the leadpile at the beginning of September 2009, so it’s now the end of year three.

This year, my records tell me, I’ve completed
·         23 buildings and terrain modules
·         32 various game markers
·         Two 28mm vehicles
·         48 25mm or 28mm figures
·         136 20mm figures
·         19 6mm scale infantry, cavalry or artillery units
·         14 6mm scale vehicles
·         Three 6mm scale aircraft, and
·         Four groups of 6mm scale farm animals.

I find the number of 20mm figures painting quite pleasing.  Looking back through the diary they are down to three things; getting together some figures to use with Sharp Practice, the Rommel’s Route to Verdun project, and sorting out my old Airfix ACW figures and some WW2 Indians for sale.

The number of 28mm figures I’ve painted this year is something of a departure.  In theory it’s a secondary scale for me.  The plan was only to use it for Gloranthan Hordes of the Things armies but apart from finishing the Morokanth army, this year has seen my Wars of the Roses figures moved over to Impetus basing and a few figures added to the collection.  I’ve also made some progress clearing the unpainted bits and bobs for use with Song of Blades and Heroes.  SOBH is great because a few figures suddenly represent a useful "warband".

This time last year (and indeed the year before) I could congratulate myself on having completed more than 100 6mm elements but that was during the 18 month push to get all of my cold war kit based up.  I think I might aim to do the same for my WW2 micro models in the coming year.  

Berkeley this weekend and then I'll have a think about targets for 2012/13.

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