Monday, January 27, 2014

On the Workbench - Atlantean Guards

This year’s record of “stuff bought and painted” shows that I’m currently (remember my year runs from September) ahead of the game in every category except 25/28mm miniatures.  So I’m trying to make some progress by finishing off these figures bought at the Penkridge sale (click to enlarge).

They are from Artizan Designs and they are listed as “Sharkmen” but I plan to use them as Atlanteans in some Pulp Alley games.  I have some vague ideas for the plot of a multi-game campaign that may involve lost pirate treasure and undersea kingdoms.

These guys are more or less finished apart from a protective coat of varnish and final spray of matt coat.  Oh and I want to have another go at the muzzles of the missile weapons; I was going for a cool pallet of colours apart from the hot inner workings of the flame guns.

I have another, older figure that I think will blend in reasonable with these figures.  The league will then be a single Atlantean leader with a large number of relatively poor-quality guards.  This should require an interesting change in style of play from the usual small group of more-or-less competent characters.

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