Sunday, January 12, 2014


One of the more challenging modelling tasks I've attempted recently was gluing together this:

It's the Koenigstrasse building from Commission Figurines that I bought at last weekend's Penkridge event.

This is the first laser-cut MDF building of any size that I've built.  Much of the construction involves what are effectively lots of small mortise and tenon joints.  When you're tying to join two side walls to a corner floor unit that has to slot into both simultaneously, whilst keeping the similar construction you've just completed in the opposite corner and trying not to get excess glue over the nicely engraved exterior of the building... aaaargh!

Oh and none of this is helped by the parts being laser cut meaning that the tenons are very precisely sized with little or no 'wiggle room'.  I had to trim a few of mine with a very sharp scalpel blade to get them to fit at all.

The advice (for what it's worth) of one who has just built his first of these is:

  • use PVA glue (sparingly) applied between the tabs with a cocktail stick
  • do all the walls first
  • consider a configuration where the corner floor sections are in opposite corners so you end up slotting together two L-shaped half buildings
  • slot the completed building onto its base last (while the glue's still wet).

Now to acquire some grey spray paint!

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cardophillipo said...

Thanks for the advice yet to build the two I got.