Sunday, January 5, 2014

Shopping Trip - Penkridge

I had a trip over to Staffordshire today for my first visit to the Penkridge wargames table top sale.   My Christmas spending money went on some bargains, some really useful stuff, and some silly purchases.

At the back are three vaccuum-formed terrain pieces I was kindly given by a gentleman who just wanted rid of them.  In a fit of goodwill I bought the four blister packs (right) from him even though they've added to my unfortunately large unpainted 28mm lead pile.  They are Sharkmen and Host Alpha and Host Omega Shock Troops from Black Tree (under licence from Old Glory in the US).  They might prove useful for Pulp Alley.  I think I'll see if Millie wants to have a go at painting them.

I also bought a box of Warlord Games 28mm Sarmatian Cataphracts.  This was entirely Simon Miller's fault.  He keeps making me look at beautiful pictures of magnificently painted ancients.  Even though I'm doing late period Romans in 6mm scale I can't resist doing some in 28mm for Impetus too!

In the middle are a couple of ready-made T-34/76s.  At £6 each these were too good a bargain to pass up.  I'm working towards playing some of the scenarios in the Skirmish Campaigns book Grossdeutschland at Kursk and will need up to ten of these so I'm picking them up as the budget allows.

Finally, front left, is a flat-pack laser-cut building from Commission Figurines.  It's their Koenigstrasse building in 20mm scale and it's going to go straight into use as one of the ruined buildings along Culture Ministry Boulevard in Tcherbevan.


beren zed said...

Ryan here penkridge wargames. Glad to see you had a good day chap, was well busy till about 1 and even the people were scouting through boxes under tables finding bargains. Already thinking about the date for next years so hope you will join us once more, all the best and happy new year.

cardophillipo said...

Sharkmen! I didn't see you sneak those into your bag! Great seeing you on Sunday.
Richard P