Saturday, March 29, 2014

Andreivian Armenian air support

Having decided I won't have time to build a Mi-24 Hind in the two weeks available before Crisis Point III, I went to Antics models in Sheffield to see if they had a suitable, quick-to-build Soviet aircraft kit.

In a stroke of sheer good fortune, I found this ready-made MiG-3:

It's in Romanian Air Force colours, which is a bonus because red, yellow and blue happen to be the colours of the Andreivian-Armenian flag!  I'll need to paint out the Romanian cross and paint in the canopy as it looks a bit daft flying with no pilot.

An even bigger bonus was that the model is lacking an alternative part - one of the lowered undercarriage units.  This didn't bother me but did reduce the price to £6.99; the same as the cheapest aircraft kit in the shop!

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