Thursday, March 27, 2014

What to do with left-over Green Stuff

I always end up having mixed slightly more Green Stuff than I need.  Here's what I do with the excess.

Blob some onto a penny, smooth down the edges and poke a hole in the middle:

Add your terrain-texturing material; in my case brown-tinted tile grout: 

Allow to dry, paint and dry-brush.  Result: bases for flags to mark terrain captured or scenario objectives.

Or you can use spare Green Stuff to attach bits of dry twig to a penny.  Two shown here with the base already textured and painted:

Dry-brush base, glue on clump foliage and voila, 6mm trees:

Finally, with several batches of left-over Green Stuff you can gradually build up this kind of thing, again on a penny:

Paint orange/yellow, glue on cotton wool or paint-dyed interfacing material and you have a 6mm scale explosion marker:


cardophillipo said...

Its like an episode of Blue Peter all we needed was some sticky back plastic. Great work as always.
Richard P

Counterpane said...

"The uses of sticky-backed plastic in wargames"? Hmm, I think I feel a blog post coming on....