Wednesday, March 12, 2014

On the Workbench - a miscellany

I've been a bit quiet here of late as I'm working on something that I want to progress further before the big reveal.  However, last night I got a few things to the point where they just need varnishing and static-grassing.

These Sun Dome militia are my first purpose-made Song of Blades and Heroes warband for Glorantha.

If I remember correctly they are Black Tree Spartans left over from my Sun Domer Nordes of the Things army.  Now I need to work out their SOBH stats.

Meanwhile, this guy is a Foundry Wild West type.  I'm really not into Western gaming but I guess he could have some Pulp usefulness.

Finally, we have these two.  They are an Esci Soviet paratrooper painted as Soviet Naval Infantry and an Orion Chechen.

These were both rather hurriedly painted - I just felt like a break from miniature architecture.  I'm disappointed by the stock on the Naval Infatryman's AK-47.  I filled the original skeleton stock with GW's Liquid Green Stuff but it's contracted significantly.  I'll have to do it again with proper Green Stuff.


Phil said...

Hi there, I like your black tree Spartans... cool!


Phil said...

Very nice work!

Counterpane said...

Thank you, Phils both!