Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Andreivian TV Building

Construction is under way on the headquarters of Andreivian Television.

It's basically a foamcore box. The main entrance being a smaller box built behind a cut-out in the front wall.  The building sits on a square of hardboard with rounded corners, topped with self adhesive floor tile for texture.

The stonework around the entrance is pieces of thin plastic card whilst the interior doors and the white windows are slightly modified from plastic pieces bought from a model railway supplier.

The next step will be to add a frieze around the top of the walls to disguise the sides of the foamcore slab that forms the roof.

The double delivery doors and the surrounding brick arch are left-over parts from the MiniArt Goods Depot. A cardboard ramp leads up to a Peco spare part door.

Finally, the remaining windows are white metal castings from Linka that I picked up at last year's Gauntlet.  I've cut appropriately sized holes into the wall and glued in the castings and then used Green Stuff to fill the gaps.  I know these windows don't match those on the rest of the building but I could see corruption in the Andreivian building sector leading to a change in specification as construction went ahead!

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