Sunday, August 10, 2014

Claymore 2014

There's been little activity here for a while as we've been in the Borders on our family holiday.

By sheer chance the first full day of our time in Scotland coincided with the Claymore show in Edinburgh and Jamie and I were able to pop along.  It's always nice to see a few different games and traders.  I took a few photos but not as many as I should have.

League of Augsberg game

A nice fort in 10mm

1915 Persian Gulf action in 10mm scale
A 25mm Crusades game

I tried to keep the shopping to a minimum as the car would be full on the way home but I did pick up some magnetic sheet from The Baggage Train, some 6mm Late Roman infantry from Baccus, and some "Ram-headed Beastmen" from Midlam Miniatures, a new company to me.  I'll provide pics later.

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Richard Phillips said...

Hi RC,
We, unfortunately, just missed Claymore as we came back on the Friday before. Just had a look on the Midlam website and there are some nice figures available.