Monday, August 18, 2014

New 6mm Horse and Musket Units

The units here have previous appeared on their 60x30mm bases for Polemos: GNW but I've given up on those rules; they're too complicated and require far too much effort to build a sufficiently large army.  Now I've added 30x30mm extensions to turn them into units for Maurice.

First up we have a unit of Polish haiduk infantry from Sandomierz district:

They are unmodified Streltsi from Baccus's Great Northern War Russians range.

Then we have King Jan Sobieski's janissaries:

These are again just paint conversions; this time of Ottoman Turkish janissaries from Irregular Miniatures.  Although the two ranges are somewhat different in stature, I find that they work OK as long as you don't mix them on the same bases.