Sunday, January 28, 2018

Just off the workbench - Punic War continued

Not much posted around here of late because I wanted to get these guys finished before posting pics.

First up we have some Republican Roman equites.

This ala of cavalry completes the first legion of my army.  They are Curteys Miniatures figures I bought at the Edinburgh show in August.

Having completed the first legion, I have of course started on a second.  This one will be made up of Italian allies.  First completed is this maniple of principes.

Bit of an experiment doing them all in white but I think it works OK.

I particularly like the mixture of armour styles in the Victrix Italian Allied Legion plastics set.  I really ought to have mixed and matched these guys in with the first legion.

Also completed recently was a second unit of Carthaginian citizen levy spearmen.

That's the last of those guys I'll be building for a bit; you really only need them when the Carthaginian army is "playing at home" in North Africa.

Taken together with the previous unit and the General (again mostly Victrix plastics) they make for a nice mass effect.


Andrew Canham said...

Nice work, they look great.

Cheers, Andy

Counterpane said...

Cheers Andy!