Sunday, January 21, 2018

More Boardgaming

I've been busy with craft knife and paper glue the past week.  As well as having a go at assembling some paper buildings I found in the bits-that-might-be-useful-for-terrain-drawer I've finally got around to putting together the counter for a Vae Victis magazine game.

The game in question is Alsace 1944 from Vae Victis issue 59.  Appropriate given my plans to build an American platoon for that campaign for Chain of Command.

The game covers the French First Army's battle to fight their way through southern Alsace to the Rhine in November 1944.  This is interesting because most of my reading so far has been about northern Alsace and the battles around the German Nordwind offensive in late December and January of 1945.

Most of the boardgames in my possession date back to the 1980s - Squad Leader, Dragon Pass and the like.  Boardgames have got a lot prettier since then:

Unfortunately I don't think any of my regular wargaming mates are going to want to put aside the time to get the hang of the rules for this game so I'll probably have to play it solo.


tsold3000 said...

Counter wargames is where I started "war"with rules, but I always had my plastic soldiers.Now I`m sololy miniatures. cool stuff.

Counterpane said...

To be honest I'm almost exclusively a miniatures gamer but this game's been one I wanted to see set up for some time.