Sunday, January 14, 2018

Plans for 2018

So I thought I'd set down some objectives and aspirations gaming-wise, for the coming twelve months.  No I'm not going to call them resolutions.

So what games do I want to play?

Well, more Chain of Command is definitely top of the list. The Big CoC game of Operation Archery at Gauntlet was great fun.

For yet more Too Fat Lardies excellence I definitely want to keep going with the Borsetshires in the Peninsula series of Sharp Practice games.

Jamie and I tried to get a game of Lion Rampant in before he went back to university but other family duties got in the way.  We did, however, get enough done to remind me that it's a fun system and my Swiss and Burgundian forces deserve to spend more time on the table.

I'm also keen to get my 6mm scale 18th century collection into use.  Maurice would be my first choice; it's a wonderfully clever piece of design that might readily be sub-titled Chandler's The Art of War in the Age of Marlborough - The Game. The only down-side of this plan is that my games tend to be multi-player affairs and Maurice is defiantly two-player in its approach.

Black Powder, then, is perhaps the option I shall be forced to opt.  It's not a game that cries out to me to play but I think we could have a fun time giving it a go.

Something else I'd like to go back to, after many years away, is Victory Games' Fleet Series. I really enjoyed these hex-and-counter games in the late 80s and would love to get in a game one weekend.

And what events am I committed to?

First and most important is Crisis Point. 7th and 8th April at Dungworth Green Hall near Sheffield.

We're doing another 1918 Andreivia game this year.  It looks like we're going to have enough players but more are always welcome.  I don't particularly need to build much new stuff for this year's event but I'll certainly have a go at some more specifically Andreivian terrain.

Joy of Six is always a fun event.  I've managed to persuade the rest of the Cold War Commanders to have a go at putting on the same game (a Warsaw Pact tank regiment attack on a NATO blocking position) over the same terrain at three different dates (probably something like 1956, 1968 and 1989).  Need to build some suitable terrain for this.

I'll probably go to Gauntlet again this year.  I don't think there's an SOTCW event planned but I rather fancy playing some Big CoC again.

And lastly for now, what projects to I want to progress?

Apart from the events above, I really want to finish the 28mm Punic Wars project I started last year.

I've mostly finished my Numidians and Carthaginian citizen levy.  A Roman Legion is done but there's a whole box of Victrix Italian Ally legionaries to build and paint and some Roman and Gaullish cavalry to complete.

Baccus Swedish army pack is sitting in its packaging just waiting to join my 6mm Great Northern War collection.  The Maurice/Black Powder question will get no closer to being answered when they are done but done they must be.

Something that's been on the to do list for the past three years is my plan to build some terrain for the Big Rubble of Pavis.  I have lots of bits and bobs of resin that are earmarked for the project but it's never come to the top of the priority pile.  Maybe this year?

As a general rule for 2018 I'd hope to have the self control to focus my spending on terrain items rather than more figures, at least until the Italian legionaries and Swedes are done.  We'll see though; the "Ooh, shiny!" effect can still be expected to exert it's evil power!



Tales from Shed HQ said...

Look forward to seeing these projects progress. Be great to see your Pavis project come to fruition :-)

Can't wait for Crisis Point and getting back to Andreivia, always a great weekend with friends.


Richard P

Counterpane said...

Cheers Richard!