Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas painting progress

Here are some pics of the first results of this Christmas's intensive building and painting session.

I've been thinking of trying a bit of 1930s pulp adventure gaming and have recently downloaded the free basic version of .45 Adventure from Rattrap Productions.  This sort of ritual platform thingie will do for pulp games or in Glorantha.  It also fits nicely into one of the pay slip boxes I liberated from work.  The horrible colour is that of my textured exterior masonry paint which is covering the incised polystyrene blocks.  It'll look better when it's finished, honest. 

Half completed Broo displays half completed ritual platform.
Next up and also with Pulp potential are these figures from GZG's not really Buffy the Vampire Slayer range.  Not-Giles and Not-Spike stand in front of a rock outcrop.  The last is a partly completed repaint of the base of the Smeagol figure (long since broken thanks to a cat knocking him off a mantlepiece) that came with the deluxe DVD version of a Lord of the Rings film.  I still need to repaint the tree and the creepers.

This piece says "Good Smeagol" when you press a particular piece of rock.  I have the evil one as well and might do it on an alternative colour scheme.  

Here's a close up of the figures.

Next up we have the base extensions I did to convert HOTT Shooter bases into Basic Impetus skirmishers.  The rock pieces need some vegetation adding.  Unfortunately I'd forgotten my Sun Domers were on slightly thicker card bases.

And last, a couple of shots of a 6mm scale fantasy dwelling house courtesy of a Kinder Egg.  The ivy on the rear is made from painted tea leaves and disguises some frankly silly window shutters and a moulded-on copyright notice!

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