Sunday, December 9, 2012

On the Workbench - December miscellany part two

Besides the Burton Island for the big CWC game there's a load of various on the chocks.  I've mentioned before the importance of building your terrain pieces to fit the boxes you're going to store them in.  I've just discovered that my work's pay slips are delivered from the outsourced payroll company in nice, strong boxes.  Here we see one of them with, on top, a nice piece of thin MDF that will form the base of the model that will be stored therein.  I don't know what kind of building it'll be yet.  

Next, part-completed are a few speed-painted British Riflemen.  I'm doing these so I can field two units of eight, rather than one of twelve, for the next game of Sharp Practice.  They aren't by any means high quality paint jobs but they'll do for now (or will do when they're finished).

I got this broo as a present from Gus a year or two ago.  It was missing an arm and was in an odd, can-can sort of pose.  I've added a chaos-warped arm from a GW Gene-stealer (I understand) and based it on a penny for use in a future SOBH warband.  I had some brown paint spare and have used it to undercoat this figure as it'll probably be mostly brown.

Finally, here are some old figures that I'm panting up to try some different techniques with black or dark blue uniforms.  They may find themselves in some future Pulp Adventures games if I go down that route.


Patrick O Cake said...

Hi Richard
Is the london Bobby 20mm?



Counterpane said...


No, it's an old Citadel 25mm figure from the days when GW had the licence to sell Call of Cthulhu in the UK.