Saturday, December 29, 2012

Glorantha BIF

Yesterday saw our first game of Basic Impetus Fantasy.  Gus came up from Bingham and Andy and Richard joined Jamie and I in playing a Gloranthan pitched battle.  Gus played Heortlings (with a unit of Rhino Riders as allies).  Andy fought alongside Gus with a Troll army.  Opposing them were Richard with Lunars and Jamie with Sun Dome Templars.

The battlefield with Sun Domers (front left) and Lunars (far left) opposing
Trolls (far right) and Heortlings (near right).
The Sun Domers - front rank, skirmishers of the VIIth Square; nearest
camera, the Banner of Sun County (Hero), and then two blocks of pikes
(large units of heavy infantry - front ranks Templars, rear ranks militia).
The Lunars: Jasper Phalanx in the foregoound, then the Steel Sword Legion and
Yarandros's Chargers.  Some Tarshite hill-men in front (skirmishers).  Oh, yes, and
there's the Crater Makers (Wizards in BIF) on the hill behind. 
The Trolls: Trollkin skirmishers in the front rank, then a mass of undead followed by Troll Hero (with banner)
Dark Troll heavy infantry, and a giant cave troll (classed as a Monster in BIF).
The Heortlings from the left:  Weaponthanes, Fyrd ranked three units deep, Fyrd ranked two units deep and backed
by Sylphs (wind elementals treated as flying Light Cavalry in BIF), and the Rhino Riders (very heavy cavalry).
The Lunars advance and seize a gentle hill to their front.

The Sun Domers also advance.

The Banner of Sun County, carried by Vega Goldbreath.  It is supposed never to retreat but in this game....

Rhino Riders and Sylphs - the heaviest and the lightest cavalry. 

The Heortling Fyrd advance...
... and, disordered by their maneuvering, take some casualties from the
Sun Domer skirmishers.
The Heortlings reach the central hill first.
But the Sun Domers advance straight up into contact determined to push them off.
This is getting very picture-heavy.  More later!  Who will win?


BigRedBat said...

Looks good! I meant but failed to do some Gloranthan gaming, this year. Hopefully next! Simon

Maxamillian Walker said...

Impetus is a great game, my favorite non skirmish rule set. Looking forward to see the rest!

roma912 said...

Great pics and good to see BIF getting some coverage. Its on the to do list for 2013

Happy New Year when it comes.