Sunday, December 23, 2012

Third Fleet (sort of)

Some years ago I found some boardgames on a stall in the local flea-market.  I picked up a Third Fleet box for a few quid.  I say "Third Fleet box" because I've only just got round to properly assessing what it contains.

There are two of the three maps from Third Fleet, the North Pacific Map (East Siberia to the Aleutians):

And the Carribbean Map, which looks really interesting to play on:

I'm missing the Baltic Map.

I then started going through the counters for the first time.   It seems I have a real mix of counters from Sixth Fleet and Second Fleet (which I already have), some but not all of Third Fleet (I don't have the Americans!) and some of Fifth and Seventh Fleet (I have the Japanese, Taiwanese and South Koreans from Seventh Fleet and the Pakistanis from Fifth Fleet).

I didn't have the Third Fleet rules but I've managed to download these from the Net.  I have all of the Third Fleet charts and as Thirds Fleet is the final development of the rules system I think I might have a go at using some other Net resources to upgrade my Sixth Fleet counters to Third Fleet standards.

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