Sunday, December 9, 2012

On the workbench - December miscellany

With the next couple of games being ones I can do from existing resources (I'm planning a HOTT game and a rerun of the last Sharp Practice game over Christmas) there's nothing really urgent to paint up.  So progress continues on the USS Burton Island:

Still in two minds as to how for construction should go before I start painting I've applied a bit of green to the lower deck where it's subsequently inaccessible.  Unfortunately, as I have since discovered, the deck should be a natural wood colour.  That'll teach me to rely on internet pictures of other people's models.

I've waterlined the model by cutting along a suitable line with a cutting disc in my hobby drill.  This left nasty burrs which had to be sanded off but can still be seen on the bottom of the hull (below).

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Tsold9000 said...

Sweet! is that !/72?76