Friday, January 15, 2016

Finished Handgunner

My first Lion Rampant unit is finished.  These handgun-armed Swiss bidowers are a mixture of ex-Steve Briddon Foundry figures and some I had lying around and hastily painted to match.

The chap in the parti-coloured helmet is the finished conversion of an RAFM handgunner reported the other day (work in progress pics here).

Since the previous pics I've applied Green Stuff crosses to his jack and painted him.

The final figure added to the unit is this chap with a lump of wood.  He's an old Citadel figure whose slotta-base tab describes his as a "thug".  He was close enough in style and size to fit nicely with Steve's original Swiss.


Springinsfeld said...

A good mix, brought together by the paint job. Poor fellows, having to go off to fight as their wives have died ;-)(good old auto-correct!)

Counterpane said...

Aaaaargh! Second consecutive bloody post. I hate autocorrect!

Thanks for the comment Springinsfeld.

Springinsfeld said...

My pleasure.... hoping to start a couple of LR forces myself soon, Robin Hood style.