Saturday, January 2, 2016

Holiday Gaming 2 - Trouble in Vani

On Sunday I organised the main game over the holiday period.  It was a multi-player game of civil disorder set in Vani, the provisional capital of the breakaway Andreivian Armenian Republic.

Following the capture by NATO of Serj Benkian, there is a power vacuum in the Andreivian Armenian leadership.  Our game showed resulting rioting and fighting on the streets of Vani.

Richard Phillips has provided a fine write-up of the game so I'll content myself here with posting a few of my photos.

A lovely surprise at the start of the day was to receive this piece of municipal art as a Christmas present from Richard Phillips.  It provided a fine centre-piece for the small square to next to the old mayoral house (now the residence of the President of the Republic).

I always try to have a new terrain piece for every game I run and in this case I also had a suitably urban pavement area with a tree.  They aren't really visible in this shot but the central planting area with the tree is surrounded by stones made from red lentils!

The game was deliberately confused with eight players representing multiple elements from four factions and some neutrals.  Each player took control of units more than one faction.

In the end, Andy (in the green sweater above) was the winner among the players, having acquired the most victory tokens associated with the winning faction.  The Democratic Union of Armenia are now the dominant faction in Andreivian Armenian politics.  Or at least they are in Vani.  Who knows what might apply in other areas?

The rules used were Arc of Fire.  This continues to be my preferred set for twentieth century skirmish action.


Richard Phillips said...

Great day and a great game, be interesting to see how this affects the game in April now the DUA are in charge (or not as the case may be).

Pete. said...

Great looking game. Alway enjoy following the imagi- nation.