Sunday, April 10, 2016

COC - The Probe, part four

So I managed to get in a few more phases of turn two last night before heading out to the folk club at the Royal.  The developments were quite significant.

When we left the game the British were beginning to move forward to attack the German right.  This developed into a three section attack when the British commander used a Chain of Command die to move one of his Jump Off Points over to that flank and threw his last section into action.

The German had in the meantime deployed his third section (in entrenchments) centrally to block any advance along the Kartenspielerweg.

The British now had three squads attacking one on the (British) left.  Unfortunately I misjudged the situation.  Rather than wait to inflict more kills and shock on the isolated German unit and give the flanking British section time to get behind the German flank, I launched a hasty charge and had a British section wiped out to a man in the resulting close combat!  Did weaken that German section though.

This leaves us with the following position:

Three British sections face off against three German.  All three senior leaders are now deployed.  The British platoon sergeant is with the weakened squad on the right.  He also has the one remaining man from the platoon's 2" mortar team.  The British platoon commander is on the left facing the German squad that's currently playing host to his opposite number.

The only undeployed units are British.  The PIAT team may end up on the right just to add some extra bodies to resist any German counterattack, whilst the sniper will struggle to add much given the limited visibility.

Speaking of the sniper.  I started construction of him on Saturday at teatime and finished him Sunday morning so don't judge too harshly:

Body of an Airfix paratrooper, rifle and helmet from Esci British infantry.

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