Sunday, April 17, 2016

On the Workbench - April

Inspired the return to WW2 by trying out Chain of Command, I've found myself pulling out of storage some part-completed figures that have been unloved for years.

First up is a platoon of Hinchliffe (yes Hinchliffe, that old!) German MG34 tripod MGs.  I suspect I picked these up cheap at a bring and buy somewhere.  I don't usually use white undercoating for WW2 figures but these were already undercoated so I shall try a stain and wash technique with them.

Next we have some Ravensthorpe Fallschirmjaeger.  I have a full battalion of these guys for Rapid Fire.  They date back to a time before I realised that playing Rapid Fire in 20mm and TacWW2 in 6mm for battles of the same size was a dumb idea.  Together with the RF battalion, these guys will enable me to field an early war Jaeger platoon for a project I've had in mind for decades (of which more later).  White undercoat to match the earlier models.

Also in the pic below is an FAA German NCO who somehow escaped being rebased onto a penny when I switched from card squares.  He's now going onto a 2p piece as recommended for CoC.

On the left below are a couple ofGermans who had broken off at the ankles.  I've superglued them together and build up around the joins with Green Stuff.  I've then sculpted the Green Stuff to look something like tall grass.  I'll probably add grass tufts to the bases to try and hide the repair work.

And on the right are an FAA French command unit and some mortar crew.  Here we're back to my preferred black undercoat except for the officer's kepi which has a white undercoat so the red and blue will really pop out.

Hopefully having posted progress pics here will keep me focussed on sorting these guys out.

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Richard Phillips said...

Looking good. On the lookout for a set of rules :-)