Saturday, April 9, 2016

COC - The Probe, part two

The game begins with the  Patrol Phase.  This establishes the position and extent of No Man's Land between the two platoons.

Actually at this point I should declare who the two sides are in this game. The defenders are a platoon or German infantry - Regulars, nothing special but with enough entrenched positions for three teams.  

The attackers, meanwhile, are a British (dismounted) Motor Platoon.  I'm designating them as No1 platoon, 2nd King's Royal Rifle Corps.  They are reinforced by an additional section from No2 platoon, a medical orderly and, if I can get one pointed in time, a sniper team.

Anyway, back to the Patrol Phase.  The Germans start with four patrol markers spread across the table near their baseline.

I elected to take three patrol markers for the British.  They start stacked on the British baseline.  I thought the British would want to have the best possible chance of deploying across the Kartenspielerweg, which runs from bottom right to top left of the table. Having to cross it with Germans deployed to enfilade it would be unpleasant (though there are some undulations of the ground that break up line of sight).

After the Patrol Phase the German markers were spread across the middle of the board whilst the British ones were concentrated on the right. A German outflanking was possible but any Germans starting on the extreme right would be perhaps a little distant from the action.

The resulting Jump Off Points (these go on table a little behind the Patrol Markers and must be in cover) end up as shown below (German in red, British in yellow). Note that one of the JOPs is on the "correct" side of the Kartenspielerweg, albeit right next to an area of open ground.

More to come when I've actually started deploying troops!


Richard Phillips said...

Can I ask, the Germans started with four Patrol Markers and now have three JOP's. Could you have had four JOP's or are you required to drop one and if so can you choose which one.
Richard P

Counterpane said...

In this particular scenario you place three JOPs for both sides. I'm not sure if that varies for other scenarios.