Thursday, April 7, 2016

Crisis Point V - Sunday Report

On Sunday we played another three games; this time two Arc of Fire and one Force on Force.

Mark Kniveton and Ian Shaw continued their Force on Force game as Ian's NATO troops penetrated into the inner area of a medieval castle.

How fantastic is that?  It's a single acc-formed piece.  I understand Mark purchased it many years ago from Paul and Theresa Bailey of Keep Wargaming.

It was nice to see the blue bus in action again (below).  It was painted by Phil Gray and has appeared in past games that I've run and now resides in Mark Kniveton's collection.

While that went on Richard Phillips ran another game set in downtown Tchervbevan.  This was one Richard and I had discussed in the week running up to the event but I have to say that Richard took it far beyond what we'd covered.

I didn't know much about what was happening in this game at the time but Andy Canham's excellent account tells the story of a fantastic game that really tied up a lot of the remaining loose ends in the Andreivia story.

Finally, I ran Casevac, a scenario I'd prepared in advance in case it was needed.  This involved a NATO force that was tasked with taking a Mujaheddin-held village whilst dealing with the need to evacuate wounded soldiers after an IED explosion.

The NATO forces were Italian and commanded by Phil Gray.  This was a great opportunity to Use Richard P's Arietes and Centauros.

At one point the random events table gave the Mujaheddin air support - just enough to slow the Italian advance.  So out came the Hs-126.

Phil managed to call in the casevac helo quite early...

It soon became apparent that I'd given Jamie (who was playing the Mujaheddin) far to little in the way of anti-tank weapons with any decent range.  I provided him with reinforcement in the form of a T-55 but this was soon brewed up by the 105mm gun of the Centauro tank destroyer.

We wound up about 3pm with Phill clearly in command of the situation.

My thanks go to Ian, Andy, Richard and in particular Jamie for their tireless efforts in setting up and closing down Crisis Point V.

On Monday evening I attended a meeting of the Dungworth Village Hall committee and presented them with a cheque for £50 which represented the surplus after we'd paid for the hire of the venue.  My thanks to all who contributed to a terrific weekend.


Russell Phillips said...

I'm still gutted that I couldn't be there, but it's good to see that the Hs-126 got another outing.

Richard Phillips said...

Yes it wouldn't be Andreivia without the Hs-126 appearing in the skies. Sorry you couldn't be there Russ, I have some plans for some games at mine I will contact you soon to sort some dates.
Great news that we could do a bit for the Village Hall. Sunday was another great days gaming. Thanks to the Oracle himself for arguably the best Crisis Point ever. Thanks to everyone for playing the games in the spirit they were intended, this is what makes our weekends the best.
Richard P

Pete. said...

Great stuff- really enjoyed looking at the pics.



Andrew Canham said...

A great weekend all round, thanks again for all the organising. Great pics and really good to know how some of the other games played out, as downtown Andreivia took up most of my time!

Cheers, Andy

Counterpane said...

Thanks all for your comments and thanks again to those who made the event such a success.