Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Speed Painted Fallschirmjäger

I've finished the early war German paras I showed just underway in the previous post.  They were stain painted over a white undercoat and then shaded with a Vallejo brown wash.

The chap on the right on a square base is one of the old batch I painted in the 1990s and to which I wanted to match these guys.  I think they work together OK.

Seen in the background are a couple of hedge/fence sections I've knocked up from bits I had lying around.

I now have four feet of 20mm fence.  I might need to start on some bocage soon, though.


Pete. said...

The FJ look great. Stain painting is something I've never got on with- I prefer the start dark and work up approach.



Counterpane said...

Cheers, Pete. I to use a dark undercoat generally but it''s nice to have a change from time to time.