Sunday, April 3, 2016

Crisis Point - First Shots

By way of an appetiser, here are the first shots from Saturday's play at Crisis Point V:
Andreivian Pulp Alley

Armenian commandos attack the Dvimin Military Academy
Andreivian Government commanders plan to recover a satellite


Richard Phillips said...

Thanks for a great weekend Oracle of Andreivia. Looking forward to seeing your pictures.
Richard P

Counterpane said...

It was good wasn't it?

Richard Phillips said...

Cracking weekend. I think the idea of not going to the pub for lunch on Saturday meant we could get a few more turns in which on my table was ideal and meant we could play to a finish. Same again next year. My finger is poised to order some 20mm WWI goodies, just give me a sign Oh Mighty Oracle of Andreivia :-)

Andrew Canham said...

I agree, great games and thanks for all the work put in to hosting. I've been perusing the WW1 and RCW options in 20mm, plastics so far, to see what's around. I agree, skipping lunch was great for getting turns in and also helped save me from another pie.

Looking forward to next year.

Cheers, Andy

Richard Phillips said...

The Early War Miniatures US Cavalry on Harley Davidsons look very nice. There are even tricycles :-)