Monday, May 2, 2016

April stuff now off the workbench

I've made reasonable progress clearing April's figures from my workbench.   

I previously showed the Fallschirmjaeger, and here's most of the rest: 

The Hinchliffe MG34 teams were stain painted and then given a wash of Vallejo Sepia.   I may offload these guys on Ebay; they are bigger than most of my other 20mm figures and while they'll make a perfectly good MG company for Rapid Fire, they are along way short of the additional figures they'd need for Chain of Command.

Then we have the repaired and upgraded figures.  The mid-late war SS officer (Dixon) on the left ad the early war SS machine gunner (FAA) in the middle both had broken ankles repaired and the joins strengthened with Green Stuff.    The FFA early war NCO on the right is just a rebase with a little tidying up of the paint-job.

The two garden modules were prompted by looking at my recent Chain of Command games and thinking, "Those buildings don't look right standing on a green cloth; they need to be surrounded signs of habitation".  I then spotted a couple of gardens on the Perrys' game at RAGE and decided to see what I could do.  I think I'm going to make an effort to add plenty of these little details to my terrain collection in all three scales (6mm, 20mm and 28mm).

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