Monday, May 23, 2016

Two Lions Rampant

On Saturday I ran a game of Lion Rampant for Gus, Phil, Leo and Arthur.  Inspired by the Harrogate club's game at RAGE, I split my Swiss and Burgundian retinues into two and we played two "Defend the Indefensible" scenarios side by side.

Gus and Leo played the attacking Burgundians whilst Phil and Arthur looked after the Swiss who were trying to protect their bombard and their bear mascot.

The idea was that the Swiss were besieging a Burgundian-held town off table to the east (far end of the table in the view above).  The Burgundians sally out to disrupt matters.

The Italian mercenary crossbowmen guard Bruin

Burgundian Men At Arms bear (ouch!) down on them.  The Italians don't get a shot off!

Swiss pikes rush to help
The Italians are forced back and the bear is killed!

Arthur and Phil ponder the need to defend the gun.

Is there to be a mass cavalry brawl?  Burgundian Men At Arms and
coustilliers against Swiss mounted crossbowmen?

The brilliance of Phil's dice rolling is matched only by the poverty of Leo's 

See what I mean?  Needing 5s and 6s, Phil scores eleven hits out of twelve
to take out two Men At Arms, one of whom proves to be Leo's leader. 

Leo's Men At Arms rout and he is forced to withdraw to keep his
last two units intact

Arthur's Pikes and Halberdiers move to reinforce Phil's handgunners
around the bombard 

The final climactic melee sees Claude de Neufchatel lead a charge onto the Swiss pikes.  The Swiss
In the end the Burgundians had taken one objective but one of their retinues had taken too many casualties trying to capture the second.  In the end I called it a draw.  Lion Rampant was felt to be an enjoyable game; all the players being new to it on this occasion.

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