Wednesday, May 11, 2016

More GNW Russians

This is how I'm doing my 6mm horse and musket units at present.

I started of with one 60mmx30mm element per battalion for Polemos:GNW but found that I can't get on with the rules.  I'm now planning on using either Black Powder or Maurice.  The pseudo-four-element approach should work for both.  It also saves two strips of figures per 120mm wide unit!

I've yet to attach flags but the front rank unit is the Semionovski Guards whilst the second is Sweden's Regiment.


Richard Phillips said...

Looking good. I picked up a copy of Blucher hope to get a few ACW games in as they have done a ACW variant on the Honour forum.
Richard P

Phil said...

They look superb!

Counterpane said...


Have you looked at Longstreet? As far as I can make out it's the ACW version of Maurice.

The ACW doesn't interest me particularly but I like the idea of the game covering your career as a general officer in one army or the other.

Counterpane said...


Thanks, kind of you to say so.

Richard Phillips said...

No I haven't I will have a look. Cheers