Friday, June 2, 2017

More Numidians

My recent trip to the Wargames Store at Brimstage (Wirral) allowed me to pick up a pack of plastic Numidian infantry by Victrix.  They are lovely figures and I was sufficiently enthused to get them finished within just a few weeks.

I've made two units of light armoured troops likely to be found in the line of battle (Javelinmen in To The Strongest! terms, probably CLs for Basic Impetus).

I've given most of these guys the optional helmeted heads and in each case I've added a metal casualty figure to the base.  The chap in the front rank above has picked up a captured Roman shield but he's using it upside down!

The remaining eight figures, using round shields and bare heads form two units of skirmishers (Light Infantry, Javelins, in To The Strongest! terms).

The Victrix figures each come in four parts; body and left arm, head, right arm, and shield. There are numerous right arm options; several positions with a javelin, one with a sword, one with a trumpet and one with a standard.  There are also a few separate left hands clutching spare javelins. You can slice off the cast-on left hand and glue one of these in its place (see the figure second from right above).  There are four different bare and four different helmeted heads.

Using some of the spare parts I've managed to resurrect a broken remains of an unused horseman of whom more anon.

Finally, a couple of pics of the whole force.  Probably enough to play Basic Impetus and a start towards, perhaps, a Punic Wars collection for To The Strongest!

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