Sunday, June 11, 2017

Who are these guys?

Can anyone help?  I have a few of these 20mm scale plastic figures. They wear bicornes and have curious jackets with long tails and twin rows of buttons up the front.

I started trying to paint them up as late 18th century British County Militia but I'm beginning to think they may not be worth the effort.  If, as I suspect, they are meant to represent Spanish troops they might be more useful painted up as such.

Sorry about the washed out effect of the white undercoat; hopefully someone can recognise them from the poses.


Sander said...

Hoi, If I am not mistaken these are Esci early Napoleonic Russians see this link:

Will McNally said...

Sander has it right, they are Esci Prussians for the 1806 campaign, I se the last of mine for my imagination Frundsberg v's the French Revolution

Counterpane said...

Yep, those are they; thanks guys!

I've no plan to do Prussian Napoleonics at all so I'll persist, I think, in using them as some oddly uniformed county militia or perhaps some volunteers personally uniformed by their colonel?