Monday, June 5, 2017

Too Many Celts!

I've spent far too much of the last ten days resurrecting old and knackered 25mm Celts.

I have getting on for forty old Lamming and Hinchliffe figures bought from eBay. I want to put about 16 on each of two 120x80mm bases and I've created a couple of four-man skirmisher units too.

However, with most of the figures requiring both conversion work and painting and said painting heavily featuring plaids and checks, I've reached a temporary personal limit.  The Celts are going away and for a couple of evenings I'm going back to 20mm WW2 Brits.

No pics tonight but I'm most of the way through finishing a forward observer and a jump off point for a forthcoming game of Chain of Command.  I'll go back to the Celts in a week or two, I think.

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