Friday, November 15, 2013

Angelus, Spike and Drusilla

Moving on the the second Pulp Alley league I've put together from Ground Zero Games not-Buffy figures, here are the Bad Guys.

As usual, all pictures are clickable to expand.


Health d10, Brawl 3d10, Shoot 2d10, Dodge 3d10, Might 3d10, Finesse 2d8, Cunning 3d8
Untouchable - Always counts as in cover vs Shooting attacks
Rugged - May reroll one health check die per fight when brawling
Intimidating - Lower level must pass Cunning test (1 success) or may only Dodge.


Health d8, Brawl 4d8, Shoot 2d6, Dodge 3d8, Might 3d8, Finesse 2d6, Cunning 2d6
Muscles of Steel - Brawl and Might not lowered due to injury.
Fierce - Brawl increased by +1 die (included above)


Health d8, Brawl 2d6, Shoot 2d6, Dodge 2d8, Might 3d6, Finesse 3d8, Cunning 3d6
Dark Designs - At the start of any turn, instead of drawing as normal, may discard any number of fortune cards and draw the same number.

League Perks:
League of (anti-)Heroes - may include a second side-kick.
Dark Pact - gives access to Dark Gifts (see Perilous Island book).

I think these stats capture the trio quite well.  The Perilous Island book is quite handy for Buffy-themed leagues as if contains a number of more magical effects that suit the style of the series.

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Drusilla should have one more d8 Ability, I believe.

-- Jeff