Sunday, November 24, 2013

On the Workbench - Downtown Tcherbevan

Here we see a number of the buildings that will form the area of Tcherbevan in and around the Turkish Quarter.  Apart from the Museum Miniatures partial ruin on the right (the last of four I've had unfinished for several years) this shows my foamcore buildings in various stages of completion.

Lurking at the back, next to the bottle of PVA, is a tower; a simple box made from four pieces of foamcore.  Next to it are a pair of buildings with windows and doors attached and partly painted in  lurid brick-red exterior masonry paint.  Centre foreground are two small buildings that have had their render overpainted.  The most-foreground of them has also been dry-brushed.  They just need the doors and windows painting to be complete.


Andrew Canham said...

Looking very good!

Counterpane said...

Thanks, Andy. Even with Stuart offering a few more buildings I want to build another dozen or so to be sure!

cardophillipo said...

Looking Good Richard. Hopefully I can get back in the shed soon and continue work on the Riverfront. Building work on the extension stopping me at the moment. Electrician should be running me some power up there soon so I can get some light up there so I can work at night.