Saturday, November 2, 2013

Latest from the Workbench

My Andreivian paratroops are done.  A small platoon, they have an HQ section with Lieutenant, radio operator, and AT team.  Then there are three five-man squads each led by a corporal, and a three-man mortar team.

The Lieutenant is converted from the legs of one of the firing-up-into-the-air figures and the top half of the inexplicably-doing-calisthenics-whilst-holding-a-piece-of-paper figure.

I reckon this is about all the Airfix paras are good for.

Today I dragged out a couple of old resin models of T-72s with reactive armour that I bought cheaply on a bring and buy many years back.  They are badly put together and have missing parts and lots of air bubbles.  Here we see them in the process of having their air bubbles filled with Green Stuff.

I've added an AA machine gun to the first tank and a commander figure to the second.  The latter vehicle is missing its commander's hatch and the hatch ring and AAMG mount are damaged.  Having the commander firmly attached via a plug of green stuff will make it easier to repair the area.

A couple of hours later...

Tank 1 is pretty much done.  Number 2 has its AAMG mounted and the worst of the bubbles filled.  I'm not spending too much time on these as there's only so far you can go with sow's ear to silk purse conversions.

Finally, for now, I'm making a second magnetic flight stand.  This one is going to be more rural in style (the other has the aircraft above a house).

The base is an old CD with a two pence piece glued over the centre hole.  The stand itself is one of those extensible magnetic picker-uppers.  It had a pocket clip held on with a bold at the end.  I've removed the clip and replaced it with a wide washer held on by the original bolt.  This gives me a broad, secure surface to attach to the 2p piece with green stuff.   My gloop No.1 (tilegrout with brown poster paint added) is starting to strengthen the join.

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